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Help! My Husband is French!

Set in modern-day Hollywood, California, Sex, Cheese and French Fries takes a witty look at relationships, using as its premise an American woman's life with an irreverent Frenchman named Pierre Bonsoirno.

This new book by Carine Fabius was published in June 2006 by Kouraj Press, and it has already garnered a great deal of attention and praise from readers and reviewers alike for its deadly accurate — and often hilarious — depiction of what married life is REALLY like, no matter what country your spouse is from. One reader has even said that this entertaining novel "reads like a sexy Jane Austen."

Beautifully illustrated by noted Los Angeles artist Jeannie Winston, each chapter of this book takes the reader on a journey of adventure, comic miscommunication, and ultimately the sublime rewards of falling — and staying — in love, as long as the partners are willing to work for it.

Look for Sex, Cheese and French Fries in fine bookstores everywhere, or order it online from Kouraj Press.

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