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by Carine Fabius

I have lately become a regular contributor to several online blogs, including The Huffington Post and Bonjour Paris. To read more of my writing on love, relationships, and of course, French romance and culture, please visit the blog postings listed below.


The Huffington Post: 30 October 2007

Seasons' *!#@! Greetings

I just received a Season's Greetings card in the mail, and I'm not talking Halloween or Day of the Dead season either. I feel like sending it back with a note saying, "You're kidding, right?" Oh, PLEASE! It's not that I don't look forward to that avalanche of warm wishes for the New Year but somehow this one seems insincere.

The Huffington Post: 23 September 2007

When Everything Goes Black

When I meet people who tell me that they check their email once a month, or worse, don't do email, I say in my most sarcastic tone, "Oh, you're one of those." They're so annoying (Jesus, now I have to call them when I need them.). Still, I hate technology. As far as I'm concerned, computers are the enemy.

The Huffington Post: 8 August 2007

Mumia Abu-Jamal Gives New Meaning to the Word Happiness

A rare, recent interview with Mumia Abu-Jamal by Margaret Prescod on Pacifica Radio (KPFK-FM in Los Angeles) gave me pause. Happiness has been eagerly reflected upon by many on HuffPost when Dr. Mona Ackerman's column premiered on the site.

The Huffington Post: 7 August 2007

Letter from a Pit Bull (II)

To: The People who Invented Passwords
First, a note: Hello, my name is Rome. The last time I wrote a letter and had it posted on huffpo, some people wondered how a dog could do that. Just to explain: my owner, Carine Fabius, and I have a strong connection.

The Huffington Post: 17 July 2007

Ruined in Rome...

I swear, the minute I get back to L.A., I'm taking a sledgehammer to the walls in our house. Rome's got it going on in the ruins department. No words can describe the magnificence and preservation of old Roma. I'm still trying to scrape my jaw off the ground.

The Huffington Post: 10 July 2007

Letter from a Pit Bull

To Leaders and shareholders of:
 • The Insurance Industry
 • The Pharmaceutical Industry
 • The Credit Card a/k/a Banking Industry
 • The United States Government

I won't start with the trite and obligatory denials of pervasive beliefs surrounding pit bulls. Regardless of what we do with our world-famous jaws and teeth — just to focus on the positive for a moment — we are also recognized for our intelligence and incisive ability to learn (forgive the pun). So, even though I despise your business practices and dream of locking on to your ankles and upward with wild abandon, my sharp mind tells me that anger and hatred will not win the day.

The Huffington Post: 2 July 2007

Missive from Barcelona

Waiting to board our flight for Barcelona I spotted a young Orthodox Jewish man at LAX and laughed to myself, hasn't anyone told them to comb out their hair once they take off their curlers? Then I turned and noticed a blond woman in her thirties. She was wearing what looked like a cheap tennis outfit with white high heels. I wondered what my mother would say since she still thinks you should dress up when getting on a plane.

The Huffington Post: 11 June 2007


Recently, after pulling a glass pan out of the oven, I set it down in the sink and turned the cold-water faucet on to get a head-start on the sticky stuff, and KABOOM! The thing exploded into a million shards of glass, causing my cat to go into flight-or-fight mode, and my dog to come running to save me from evil. After recuperating from the mini-sonic boom, then thanking the heavens for my shard-free eyes, my first thought was, "Hmm, must not have been Pyrex."

The Huffington Post: 26 May 2007

Why Is a Sexy Woman the Opposite of a Feminist?

There I was, flogging my book at a trade show, dressed in my feminist personality — meaning whatever externally but liberated and independent internally — when two women whom I judged to be in their late twenties to early thirties stopped by my booth. One of them nudged the other, pointed to the cover of the book and whispered, "You should take a picture of that. It's like feminism never happened."

The Huffington Post: 20 April 2007

"Only 'Nothing' is Bad": Mom's Proverbs

A few days ago my mother called from Haiti to tell me that according to my horoscope, on that very day someone, somewhere would make me an offer that would change my life! I happily waited for my soon-to-come, potentially life-altering proposition; but by the end of the day, the only offer I'd gotten was to write a blog for huffingtonpost.com about my mother.

Bonjour Paris : 19 April 2007

Belle Mere

I was recently asked to write a piece around Mother's Day, a holiday that I cynically assumed to be a Hallmark invention but which, in fact, has its roots in an ancient Greek festival honoring Cybele, Earth Mother, personification of fertility and earth and nature and wild animals — especially bees and lions — which got me thinking about my French mother-in-law. Roar!!!

Bonjour Paris : 11 April 2007

French Bait and Switch

We've been having a coyote problem in our neighborhood. We live in Hollywood, California, where the hills are alive with the sound of creatures from the wild. The coyotes are attacking cats like crazy, and even though this isn't new, it seems the incidents are increasing; that their behavior is more and more aggressive and brazen, and that they are coming down from the hills earlier in the day, not caring what we concerned people think. Never mind that the out-of-control development in the neighborhood is encroaching on their domain, two of their recent victims were my own cherished kitty cats. Two in one year!!

Bonjour Paris : 29 March 2007

French Benchmarks

Hello, I'm Haitian. This means I have French baggage. And I don't mean the kind packed with sexy lingerie either.

Back when Christopher Columbus arrived on our sandy shores, he was packin' big time. Decimated the native Arawak and Taino Indians, and proceeded to plunder because that was his job. For this and many of his like-minded adventures we get time off once a year. Go figure?

The Huffington Post: 16 March 2007

Caught in a Cross-Cultural Stew

I'm in a cross-cultural stew.

I just co-curated an exhibition for the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum titled Healing: A Cultural Exploration, which looks at the ways that different cultures approach the journey to well-being. In researching the 45-plus cultures represented in the show, it became impossible to dismiss the house-sized and not-so-astounding elephant in the room: we are all the same.

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