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Set in Hollywood, California, Sex, Cheese and French Fries takes a witty look at relationships, using as its premise an American woman's life with an irreverent transplanted Frenchman named Pierre Bonsoirno.

"Reads like a sexy Jane Austen."

— Donald J. Cosentino, Professor, World Arts & Cultures, UCLA

"I almost missed my flight, sitting at a different gate, totally engrossed in the book. Reading it is culturally enriching, politically stimulating, brutally honest and funny. I laughed so hard that I was embarrassing myself."

—Maggy Wooden, Technology Consultant

"It is really the story of a marriage/relationship, with the good and bad sides, that puts forward the central question we all ask ourselves. Will it last? And, why do I stay?... Fantastic.

—Frances Hayden, Immigration Attorney

"It's breezy, fun, insightful and loving, and made me laugh out loud."

— Judy Chaikin, Documentary Filmmaker and Emmy Nominee

"Read the book in one day, could not put it down."

— Louis Hotchkiss, Entrepreneur, World Traveler

"This book is a cobweb of lies!"

— Pierre Bonsoirno

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