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A Note from the Author

In the interest of full disclosure and clarity, this book was inspired by life with my French husband. It is not a work of non-fiction. Well, it sort of is. Except that it's fiction because I have taken the liberty of making things up throughout. The characters' names have been changed because some are composites of people we know, while others are based on real people, except they're not really real because I made up a lot of what they said. In other words, no one is allowed to ask the question, Did that really happen? I will simply refuse to answer. I hope this helps to explain the category in which this book belongs. Sort of.

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To read selected excerpts from this book, click on any of the chapter links below.

Chapter One:
My French Husband

Chapter Two:
The Reasons I Need Help

Chapter Three:
I Married Indiana Jones

Chapter Four:
We Be French Stylin'

Chapter Five:
Cursing in French

Chapter Six:
What Did You Say?

Chapter Seven:
Whoever Heard of Ham & Cheese?

Chapter Eight:
Politics with Pierre

Chapter Nine:
Sex with Pierre

Chapter Ten:
Raising France

Chapter Eleven:
Artistic Is One Letter Away from Autistic

Chapter Twelve:
The Reasons I Stay

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